About David

About David Walliams

David Walliams is currently the fastest growing Children’s book author in the UK. His books have been translated into over 25 languages and have sold over one million copies in the UK alone. His fourth book, Gangster Granny, and his fifth book, Ratburger, both immediately went to number one in the children’s bestseller chart. Walliams’ books have achieved unprecedented critical acclaim, often drawing comparisons to those of his all-time hero, Roald Dahl.

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David's Favourites

  • Do you have any pets? If so what sort of pet are they and what are their names?


    I have a dog called Bert, and a jellyfish called Linda Rogers.

  • If you had the world’s best birthday party what would it be and who would you invite?


    I would invite the Queen. She has to be the ultimate party guest, though I am not sure she would come!

  • Do you think that Demon Dentist will be on TV and what actresses / actors do you think would be good to play the characters?


    Hopefully it will be a film for the cinemas. Miss Root would be a gift of a part for any actress. My favourite would be Emma Thompson who played Nanny McPhee. I think she might be the greatest actress alive today.

  • Have you ever had writer’s block, and if you have how have you come up with your inspiration?


    Sometimes just getting up from the desk and doing something different like making a cup of tea helps your brain start working again.

  • Many reviewers describe you as a modern day Roald Dahl. Who is your favourite character in any of his books?


    I love the BFG. He is such an original character. He even has his own language. Roald Dahl was a genius.

  • Would you rather be Ben or Dennis?


    I am more like Dennis, as I based him on the 12 year old me.

  • If you had to be a character in ‘Ratburger’ and swim the River Thames as them, who would you be and why?


    That’s a hard one. I reckon Armitage the rat would be the best swimmer. But it would be no bad thing if Burt drowned in the Thames. He is such an evil character.

  • In your stories, Raj is always the newsagent, is he based on someone you know?


    Yes he was based on my real newsagent also called Raj. His shop was famously messy, and he always greeted his customers with a smile.

  • What were you thinking right before you swam the River Thames?


    That the great thing is that unlike a swimming pool if I need a wee I won’t have to get out.

  • What character would you rather be, the dentist in Demon Dentist or the granny in Gangsta Granny and why?


    The Granny of course. I can’t be the dentist! She is pure evil! And Granny is such a lovely old girl. Watch out for the TV version on Boxing Day on BBC1. I play Ben’s dad.

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